MBSE Solutions provides training in UML, SysML, UPDM/UAF with tool analysis techniques, customization and usage, using your tool of choice. Tool customization courses are tailored to demonstrate how to take modeling tools and make them work for your specific needs, creating your domain-specific language, and tool tailoring to make the most of modeling. The complementary trainings and solutions provided by MBSE Solutions and Sysnovation will provide you with a solid Systems Engineering foundation upon which to build, and enable the success of, your unique MBSE approach.

The Applied Technology Institute (ATI) specializes in short course technical training in space, communications, defense, sonar, radar, and signal processing. Since 1984 ATI has provided leading-edge public courses and on-site technical training to defense and NASA facilities, as well as DOD and aerospace contractors. Some of Sysnovation's courses are offered through ATI.

Systems and Proposal Engineering Company (SPEC Innovations) services include systems engineering services and training, proposal engineering management and training, software development, and DoDAF training and expertise. Their tool Innoslate takes the next step in software by providing the future standard for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), as a service implementation of new and classic systems engineering principles and practices to address today’s and future system of systems level problems.

Vitech builds and enhances the systems engineering capabilities of organizations through a tailored combination of training, services, and software, positioning clients to better deliver project and corporate success. Built on more than 40 years of proven results, their MBSE software environments GENESYS and CORE both deliver rich integrated model-centric support throughout the systems engineering lifecycle.

No Magic's Cameo Systems Modeler ™ is an industry leading cross-platform collaborative Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) environment, which provides smart, robust, and intuitive tools to define, track, and visualize all aspects of systems in the most standard-compliant SysML models and diagrams.

Sysnovation partners with the following organizations. Click on their logo to learn more.

Decisionware is a specialized education provider with a large passion for industrial competence development and challenges incorporating complex systems. Some of Sysnovation's courses are offered through Decisionware.

Decision Driven® Solutions gives you a new way to take control of your future through your decisions and helps you accelerate your ideas into world-transforming solutions. The Decision Driven® Solutions Framework is a unique suite of integrated web applications that can simplify and align your Systems Engineering, Product Development and Strategic Planning processes.