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Student Feedback:

“Instructor is expert in ‘Systems Engineering.’ This was evident during the course.” Systems Engineering Principles

“Overall, this has been a great experience and I have learned a lot. It broadened my perspective of system engineering beyond my individual company and taught me a lot of new ideas and concepts.”  Systems Engineering Principles (Online)

“As a requirements specialist, this was relevant training providing an in-depth understanding of how needs become developed requirements.” Requirements Formulation

“Provided a great capture of COTS effects on systems, as well as core Systems Engineering concepts.” COTS-Based Systems Engineering

“I liked the general [brownfield] overview without the deep-dive. I think that is suited for my interest/positon, as well as the rest of the people who attended.” Brownfield Systems Engineering

“I am very fortunate to be in a team developing a system and eventually a component in the SOS. The course reinforced my knowledge in the subject which will be very relevant to my further tasking. The course also provided ideas on how to improve our methodology towards our SOS approach.”  System of Systems Engineering

“Good material and the speaker was very effective in his ability to present the material.”  Systems Engineering Soft Skills

“Presenter very knowledgeable of content.  Obviously presenter has lived through successful presentations.” Leading Effective Technical Reviews

“I feel this course addresses the needs of both the CSEP & ASEP students very well.  I thought the slides were great and highly appreciated that the book was used as the additional material, rather than the primary.  I appreciate how Dave was willing to answer questions and took adequate time to answer them thoroughly.” CSEP/ASEP Preparation

“More than recommend, I intend to advocate that our SE team attend and that all get certifications.” CSEP/ASEP Preparation

“I am able to apply my learnings immediately to my work. This is more than a CSEP/ASEP preparation course.” CSEP/ASEP Preparation

Systems Engineering Principles

Brownfield Systems Engineering

Leading Effective Technical Reviews

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